Raise your brand awareness and showcase your products.

Increase your brand awareness, by taking advantage of our custom services for garment bags and promotional totes.

Basic Logo Printing Service

1. Select the garment bag or promotional tote

Select the garment bag or promotional tote that fits your needs. In our catalogue you can find a variety of promotional totes as well as a wide selection of garment bags for dresses, suits, coats, etc.

2. Select the spot of your logo printing

Depending on your choice of bag or tote, you can select the suitable spot for the logo to be printed, so that it will always be visible. Plus, you can select the size of the logo, as well as double sided printing so that it will be visible no matter how the bag is held.

3. Receiving your garment bag or promotional tote

In just 5 business days after purchase of the garment bag or promotional tote, it will be at your door.

Do you want to make your own garment bag or promotional bag?

Custom Branding Service

1. Select colours and design

We know that first impressions matter. So we offer you the chance to make that first impression with your customers in your own way. If you are looking for a simple logo printing or even something unique with a lot of colour, our customization services can achieve that. Our design partners are available to you for any assistance you might require in your customization process.

2. Combine materials and fabrics

We believe that the garment bag or promotional tote must be the right fit for the product it will carry. The combination of materials, fabrics and sizes we offer give you the freedom to design the ideal solution for all types of clothing or footwear. This could be dresses or wedding dresses, suits or coats and shoes of all types. Select the combination of size, volume and material that fit your product. The materials and fabrics we offer are cotton, non-woven and peva plastic.

3. Add extra useful features

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Add useful and practical features to your bag and make it easier to use. Available features include: extra pockets for storing shirts, transparent PVC window for discrete content presentation and extra handles for stronger hold of the bag. There are many more features from which to choose, so you can make your garment bag or promotional tote really stand out and better serve its purpose.

Do you want to make your own garment bag or promotional bag?

Custom Branding Benefits

1. Convert your customers into sellers of your products

Raise your brand awareness, by taking advantage of the customer’s journey from your shop to their final destination.

2. Maintain your brand awareness with something that lasts

Win big when your customers keep using your custom bags or totes for storage or travel.

3. Set yourself apart from the competition with your authentic style

This is your chance to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your customized garment bag or promotional tote will radiate confidence and authenticity to your audience.

Custom Garment Bags & Promotional Totes

Garment Bag for Wedding Dresses

Custom made wedding dress garment bag with extra space for storage or travel. Equipped with full lenghtcenter zipper and two big, sturdy handles for easy transport.

Custom Highlights:

  • Original two-coloured design.
  • Extra side storage space for the train of the dress.
  • 2 non woven handles and folding ability for easy transportation.
  • Logo printed with screen printing.
  • Durable Νο 5 zipper.

Garment Bag for Suits & Clothing

Custom made garment bag with extra volume and easy storage and transport. Perfect for suits and formalwear. It comes with two big durable handles and a sturdy zipper.

Custom Highlights:

  • Snap closure and two non woven handles for easier storage or travel.
  • Unique two-coloured design.
  • Simple logo printing with screen printing.
  • Water, moisture and tear resistant thanks to its non woven fabric.
  • Durable Νο 5 zipper.

Promotional Tote Bag

Custom made promotional tote bag perfect for protecting your products from being damaged. It comes with two durable handles and side gussets for extra volume.

Custom Highlights:

  • Damage and water resistant thanks to its non woven fabric.
  • Two big handles for easier transport.
  • Side gussets for storing bulkier items.
  • Logo printing with screen printing.
  • Grey fabric around the perimeter.

Do you want to make your own garment bag or promotional bag?