About Us

Via Bag offers a variety of garment bags and covers for the clothing industry as well as promotional bags for retail merchants. For companies that seek branded solutions, we also offer design and customization services.

The company was founded in 1992 in Thessaloniki, focusing mainly on importing wholesale items for the clothing industry.

Since the very beginning, we invested heavily in long term strategic partnerships with some of the most well known factories of the industry in the world, in order to be able to offer reliable and specialized solutions for our customers. Thanks to our accumulated industry experience combined with a firm set of trustworthy collaborations, we have managed to successfully serve even the most demanding needs of our customers, as well as adapt quickly and effectively in the ever-changing new retail industry trends.

From garment bags/covers for suits, shirts, coats, dresses and wedding dresses, to special bags for shoes and carpets, as well as a range of different promotional tote bags, Via Bag offers a huge variety of wholesale packaging and storage accessories for the clothing and retail industry. Today Via Bag’s serves hundreds of customers throughout Greece, Cyprus and selected countries in Europe and Asia through strategic partnerships, while also aiming to expand its market footprint even more in the years to come.

By continuously updating our product catalog with new ideas and by offering unique customization solutions, we are able to secure very competitive prices, while maintaining an excellent quality for our products and services.

Via Bag’s fundamental goal is to offer highly competitive products and reliable services for the global retail industry and become the ideal partner for any company that wishes to increase its brand awareness and improve the shopping experience of its customers.

Do you want to make your own garment bag or promotional bag?